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Announcing Ardonagh Community Trust’s Q2 Community Grant Recipients

06 July, 2020 |Ardonagh Group | Ardonagh Community Trust

At the end of June, our Trustees of Ardonagh Community Trust met virtually to discuss the 19 applications for the Q2 round of community grants.

A challenging task at any time was made all the more difficult following the impact that Covid-19 has had on charities and CIC's and the communities that they support.

With the focus for the remainder of 2020 on helping those most in need as a result of the pandemic, the Trustees selected six deserving causes, granting a total of £27,421.60 of funding, with a seventh project approved to receive £4,639 when the time is right to fulfil their plans.

You can read more about these fantastic projects below…


Little Mirac​​les CIO

Submitted by Martin Peacock, Ardonagh Centr​​​al Functions


Little Miracles is a support network for families who have a child with additional needs, disabilities and life-limiting conditions, from pre-birth up to the age of 25. Their aim is to give families access to opportunities to allow the children to reach their full potential and to create friendships and support networks for people who often feel isolated, frustrated and alone on their journey. From inclusive play sessions, family support and clinical services, Little Miracles are there for the families they support whenever they need it. A key area of this is counselling for the whole family, which is provided for free and for as long as it is required. Sadly, this is something not everyone can afford, however is a huge help to those who need it, particularly around bereavement as most support ends once a child sadly passes away. With the impact of Covid-19 and the lockdown adding more stress on top of all the significant day to day issues they face, the counselling service is in need now more than ever. Thanks to a £5,000 grant from ACT, the charity will be able to continue to directly employ counsellors to support many more families in need.


Hospi​tality for Heroes CIC

Submitted by Ashley ​Coles, Price Forbes


The pandemic has hit all industries across the world, and throughout we've been reminded of the incredible sacrifice made by those working on the frontline, particularly our healthcare workers. With this in mind, brother of Ashley, Oli Coles decided he wanted to do something to help. Hospitality for Heroes was launched in direct response to the pandemic and aimed to tackle two key areas impacted; those on the front line and the hospitality industry. Working with top chefs, restaurants and their struggling suppliers in London, the project aimed to provide nutritious meals to doctors, nurses and other NHS staff too. In their first two weeks they supplied over 3,000 dishes to the NHS and the £5,000 grant from ACT provided an additional 2,000 healthy, restaurant-quality meals. Since the launch of this project and the grant, the charity has surpassed 65,000 meals delivered to NHS frontline workers across 15 hospitals, Age UK and to the NHS staff within Pentonville Prison. They also arranged performances from artists including James Blunt, Melanie C, Clean Bandit, Anne-Marie amongst others to be streamed into multiple hospitals across the country (you can see this here) to mark International Nurses Day and as a way to say thank you to those who've done so much.



Submitted by Matthew Raben, Pr​​​ice Forbes


We are no doubt all aware of the shortages that have surrounded personal protective equipment (PPE) for NHS workers and also those working in the wider care industry. There are however others who are still in need of basic PPE in order to support those in need including those working with at risk children, the homeless, people struggling with addiction and those with dementia and other mental illnesses. Kit4Carers was established in May 2020 to procure PPE and distribute this free of charge to carers of vulnerable members of society who are at increased risk of infection with Covid-19. Their focus is to support those individuals and organisations that are least resourced in the current crisis, protecting staff, their families and the individuals they care for. With his son currently volunteering for the charity whilst on furlough, this is a cause close to Matthew's heart. The £5,000 grant from ACT will allow the charity to purchase and distribute more PPE equipment to those in need to ensure they are protected as they look after the most vulnerable.


Genesis ​FC

Submitted by Denzel Mensah, Price​​ Forbes


Genesis FC is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the development of Futsal in Newham and the wider London area. As one of the least physically active areas in the UK, with only 23% of 16-34 year olds physically active (compared to 30.2% on average across the UK), almost two in five (39.17%) people in Newham take no exercise at all. Sporting Equals produced a survey in 2013 that identified small sided football as the second most popular physical activity amongst BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) groups. With these statistics in mind, Genesis FC aim to increase the number of 14-21 year olds from Newham and the adjacent boroughs to participate regularly and motivate them to develop sport as a habit for life as adults. The £2,579.60 grant from ACT will help them to fund the start up of more sessions and help those in the community increase their physical activity and realise the benefits of this to the health and wellbeing.


St Barnabus Hospi​ce

Submitted by Stuart Mayer, Towergate Caring P​​​rofessions


St Barnabas are the leading providers of outstanding palliative care in Lincolnshire and additionally, they have specialist clinical services to help deliver high class knowledge to health care professionals. This training is specifically centred around death and dying; palliative care delivery; advanced care planning and symptom control. One of their current projects, Dying to Communicate, gives those in the care industry the tools to be able to deliver difficult news. During these unprecedented times, communication around death has never been so important and it is imperative that these conversations are held sensitively, by the right people at the right time. Thanks to the £4,842 grant from ACT, St Barnabas are able to continue to support online learning that is accessible to all healthcare professionals in Lincolnshire. It will also allow them to re-establish and have their Dying to Communicate course accredited for Continued Professional Development as soon as social distancing allows face-to-face learning.

Stuart said about the project "I take great pride in being the broker responsible for insuring such a fantastic organisation and I will continue to support them by making sure they receive the level of service, commitment and professionalism they deserve.".


The HUBB Fo​​undation

Submitted by Ian Donaldson, At​​lanta


The HUBB Foundation is a cause close to everyone's hearts in Stoke as it plays a key role in supporting the most vulnerable in the city. Initially created to support children and their families during school holidays, with activities and food, since lockdown began and with​ schools closures and many parents unfortunately furloughed or made redundant, the impact has been felt tenfold by those in need. The HUBB foundation have responded in earnest to help. As well as providing meals for the children in lieu of what they'd get at school, the charity has been providing food for the whole family for a week equating to on average 5,600 home cooked meals, with that number rising rapidly. With a £5,000 grant from ACT, they will be able to provide meals for 20 families up until September and when hopefully schools resume – this number is the equivalent to one whole school in Stoke-on-Trent being supported.


Finally, as mentioned above, the Trustees have also approved a grant for £4,639 to support KEEN London fulfil a trip when travel restrictions and social distancing measures are lifted. More about the project is below:  


KEEN Lon​​don

Submitted by Chris Butl​er, Price Forbes


The vision for KEEN London is that every child has the chance to enjoy the benefits of regular physical activity, and no child is left behind due to disability. KEEN London has been running successfully for 17 years. In that time, they have supported hundreds of disabled young people to take part in games and sports that would not otherwise be available to them. Every week, each young person (athlete) is supported by a trained and experienced volunteer coach to enjoy a range of fun activities at no cost to their family. KEEN London runs weekend sessions in North London (Islington), East London (Hackney) and South London (Lambeth) is open to young people with a wide range of physical, learning and behavioural difficulties. They often host trips with the aim to provide disabled young people from some of the most deprived parts of London with the rare opportunity to have a weekend away. As soon as travel restrictions and social distancing measures allow, the £4,639 will mean that 18 athletes are able to attend a two-night trip to Kingswood Activity Centre in Kent which will allow them to develop their social skills. make new friends, have new experiences and make memories to last a lifetime.

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