Chris Gardner

Pricing Manager at Geo Agriculture

We hear from Chris Gardner, Pricing Manager at Geo Agriculture.

Working within the world of MGA, Chris plays an integral part in supporting his business with the tracking and management of their MI, analysing key trends and data to optimise their results.

His role also extends to the whole business, working with colleagues to provide them with data for broker and insurer meetings, meaning they can continue to develop their relationships and services within the industry.

When asking Chris what he enjoys most about his role, his answer is that he enjoys getting into the ‘nitty gritty of data’ which supports Geo Agriculture’s strategic direction, which is no wonder why Chris scooped the prize for MGA Excellence at our annual employee recognition awards, Spotlight , earlier this year.

Find out more about Chris’s role within Geo Agriculture and why he describes Ardonagh as ambitious, driven and only getting better.