Showcasing our people

Caroline Fallon

Senior Legal Counsel - The Ardonagh Group

Caroline Fallon is an integral member of The Ardonagh Group’s legal team.

As Senior Legal Counsel, Caroline works on a multitude of projects across our group of companies advising on anything from employment law to operational compliance.

Hear from Caroline about her time at Ardonagh and how collaboration is vital to success.

Deanne Evans

Underwriter, Political Violence - Geo Specialty

Since joining the business in February 2018, Deanne has progressed from being a Trainee Underwriter to having the authority to assess, quote and bind political violence risks worldwide.

Given that the average time it takes to train with a Lloyds syndicate is at least five years, her progression has been remarkable.

Hear from Deanne as she talks about what makes a great MGA and how they support their clients’ bespoke needs.

Patrick McLoughlin

People Advisor - Atlanta Group

Patrick McLoughlin is a People Advisor at Atlanta Group.

Graduating with a degree in law, it was whilst working within an in-house legal team when Pat’s interest for employment law was sparked. His passion for people and helping others means he often goes above and beyond in his role, especially when it comes to charity.

Pat shares with us his passion for making a difference and giving back to causes he cares about.

Jason Bernard

Team Leader - Autonet

Jason Bernard from Autonet Insurance has worked tirelessly up the ranks to become a team leader. He is always the go-to person for questions regarding his department and has relished the opportunity to learn and grow.

Jason has implemented a number of new processes into the department to improve things for his colleagues and customers and is considered as a 'font of knowledge', always on hand to help anyone who needs it.

A hard working, loyal and extremely helpful individual Jason is seen by his peers and managers as one to watch, a rising star with the right attitude to go far within the company.

Lynn Mildner

Director of Credit and Financial Risk - Towergate Insurance Brokers.

Lynn Mildner is Director of Credit and Financial Risk at Towergate Insurance Brokers.

Lynn has been with the business for over ten years and since then has risen through the ranks to become a director, managing her own book of clients while leading the Credit and Financial Risks team to achieve growth.

Time and time again Lynn is able to deliver outstanding outcomes for her clients and she shares more about why this is so important.

Sophie Meiklejohn

Associate Director - Price Forbes & Partners

Sophie Meiklejohn is Associate Director at Price Forbes & Partners.

Sophie was promoted to Property Claims Manager in 2019. While learning on the job, she worked hard to build relationships, internally and externally and her excellent work ethic has helped create an environment where the team are confident to fulfil their roles.

Sophie talked to us about her role, inspiring and leading her team, and the benefits of being part of The Ardonagh Group.

Nicholas McCayna

Director of Jewellers Block and Fine Arts - Bishopsgate Insurance Brokers

Nicholas McCayna is Director of Jewellers Block and Fine Arts at Bishopsgate Insurance Brokers.

His team specialise in jewellers block insurance and are recognised as a genuine market leader in the Lloyd's and London Market.

With a client list including many household names, the team offer an exceptional level of service and some impressive statistics.

Hear how he uses the strength of the relationships he has built in the market over the course of his career to deliver the best possible outcomes for his clients, often in very short time frames.

Penny Bishop

Operations Director - Towergate Insurance Brokers

Penny Bishop, Operations Director at Towergate Insurance Brokers, has been at the heart of the branch network for over 20 years.

Her strong but calm leadership and approach to guiding the business through significant change is what makes her an outstanding leader and a real asset to the Group.

Today she shares her thoughts on what makes a good leader and the importance of the people of Ardonagh.

Sarah Dennis

Head of International - Towergate Health & Protection

Sarah Dennis, Head of International for Towergate Health & Protection.

Sarah’s passion for her people, supporting them with their career aspirations and bringing imagination to their roles is a refreshing approach to leadership and is why this year she took home the award for Outstanding Leadership in our annual employee recognition awards.

Find out more about Sarah’s career with Ardonagh and how she feels about being part of the Group.

Michael Pike

Senior Customer Service Advisor - Towergate Insurance Brokers

Michael Pike is ​Senior Customer Service Advisor for Towergate Insurance Brokers Caring Professions division.

Working within the care sector, which has undoubtedly been impacted by the pandemic, Michael still has determination and passion to ensure clients have the right policy and right cover to protect them in the unfortunate event of a loss.

This drive coupled with his expertise meant that during 2020, he was able to work with brokers and insurers to find appropriate cover for clients within the care home, domiciliary and children’s nurseries sector to keep them protected from the risks they faced – there’s no surprise why he scooped the Broking Excellence award at Ardonagh’s employee recognition awards this year.

Find out more about Michael’s love for getting risks over the line and how special it is to feel like a big family within Ardonagh.

Janet Stanway

Online Chat Support - Autonet Insurance

Janet Stanway is from Autonet Insurance, part of Atlanta Group, Ardonagh’s Retail segment.

As well as being at the forefront of Autonet’s customer journey, providing online chat support to its customers, Janet’s true passion is charity.

As a Director of a charity herself, when asking Janet what the best thing about Ardonagh is, her response was the work Ardonagh Community Trust (ACT) provide in communities and that’s no surprise as she was the recipient of the ACT Award earlier this year at Spotlight 2021.

Janet is also a true advocate of Ardonagh, citing that for her it feels like one big extended family. When speaking about the Group, she said working for Atlanta and Ardonagh doesn’t feel like you’re just a number, but that you’re a real person in a real job and you will get looked after by those around you. And, if you want to come and give it a go, you should!

Find out more about Janet’s role in Autonet, her passion for charity and more below.

Chris Gardner

Pricing Manager at Geo Agriculture

We hear from Chris Gardner, Pricing Manager at Geo Agriculture.

Working within the world of MGA, Chris plays an integral part in supporting his business with the tracking and management of their MI, analysing key trends and data to optimise their results.

His role also extends to the whole business, working with colleagues to provide them with data for broker and insurer meetings, meaning they can continue to develop their relationships and services within the industry.

When asking Chris what he enjoys most about his role, his answer is that he enjoys getting into the ‘nitty gritty of data’ which supports Geo Agriculture’s strategic direction, which is no wonder why Chris scooped the prize for MGA Excellence at our annual employee recognition awards, Spotlight , earlier this year.

Find out more about Chris’s role within Geo Agriculture and why he describes Ardonagh as ambitious, driven and only getting better.

Ed Farthing

Sales and Retention Manager for Christie Insurance - part of Towergate Insurance Brokers

Ed Farthing, Sales and Retention Manger for Christie Insurance, part of Towergate Insurance Brokers Caring Professions division.

Ed’s journey with the business has spanned six years in which time he’s had the opportunity to develop his career, being promoted into roles in quick succession which now sees him in a management position within Christie Insurance.

Because of his breadth of experience, one of Ed’s strengths is recognising no customer is the same and values building relationships and rapport with them by understanding their ways of working and communication before getting into the nitty gritty of insurance.

When you add this together, it’s clear to see why Ed stole the Emerging Leader award at Ardonagh’s annual employee recognition awards, Spotlight, earlier this year.

When you ask Ed what’s the best thing about working within Ardonagh, his answer is reach. He cites that you have the ability within the Group to go to many different markets, specialisms or businesses because Ardonagh’s portfolio is growing, and he quotes “we have real broker power in the market”.

Find out more about Ed’s career to date, how varied his role is and why he feels that Ardonagh empowers you to make the most of your skills.