Owen Gregory

Digital Development Manager

Owen’s role is centred around the development and maintenance of Paymentshield’s website which sees him innovate new ways the website can improve the customer journey; because there is always ‘room for improvement’.

And with a mindset of always looking to evolve, last year he took it upon himself to proactively learn a completely new programming language which enabled him and his team to add more value to customers online.

His passion for growth, finding new solutions and ways of working is why he took home Rising Star at Ardonagh’s employee recognition wards, Spotlight, earlier this year.

If you ask Owen what the best thing about working for Ardonagh is, he cites that it’s the reach and expertise of everyone in the Group and if ‘you have a problem, there’s always someone to ask’.

He also feels that with such a big Group, if you want to learn and development, there is always the opportunity to grow.

Find out more about Owen’s vital role in Paymentshield and why he believes Ardonagh enables him to do the best he can.