Janet Stanway

Online Chat Support - Autonet Insurance

Janet Stanway is from Autonet Insurance, part of Atlanta Group, Ardonagh’s Retail segment.

As well as being at the forefront of Autonet’s customer journey, providing online chat support to its customers, Janet’s true passion is charity.

As a Director of a charity herself, when asking Janet what the best thing about Ardonagh is, her response was the work Ardonagh Community Trust (ACT) provide in communities and that’s no surprise as she was the recipient of the ACT Award earlier this year at Spotlight 2021.

Janet is also a true advocate of Ardonagh, citing that for her it feels like one big extended family. When speaking about the Group, she said working for Atlanta and Ardonagh doesn’t feel like you’re just a number, but that you’re a real person in a real job and you will get looked after by those around you. And, if you want to come and give it a go, you should!

Find out more about Janet’s role in Autonet, her passion for charity and more below.